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Blanks To Decorate

Sublimation Magnets/ Sublimation Refrigerator Magnets/ Large Magnets/ Sublimation Blanks/ Sublimation Sheet Magnets/ Fridge Magnets

Sublimation Magnets/ Sublimation Refrigerator Magnets/ Large Magnets/ Sublimation Blanks/ Sublimation Sheet Magnets/ Fridge Magnets

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Style of Magnet?

Sublimation Magnets/ Sublimation Fridge Magnets/ Refrigerator Magnets

These magnets are a perfect gift for anyone! They are also great for advertising.

This listing is for (1) blank sublimation magnet in your choice of style (circle or square). They are sold individually and not as a set.

There is a thin-clear film that comes on the magnets (to protect the sublimation coating). You will need to carefully remove the film before pressing (if you take it off too hard- you can damage the sublimation coating).  You can put a piece of heat tape on the clear film and gently pull it off. 

Approximate Sizes:

1) Circle- 4 1/4" in diameter
2) Square- 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"

They are made from magnetic sheets- the magnet is the full size and shape as the front.

These do NOT come with a template.

Time and Temp: you may need to experiment (as all equipment is different) to achieve your optimal result

My Suggested Pressing Instructions: (this works for me but you may have to experiment as your press will be different)

1) Remove clear film from the top of the magnet- be careful so you don't scratch the white coating
2) Lay the magnet down on a sheet of clean butcher paper- white side up
3) Lay the paper with the image face down on magnet.
4) Cover with another clean sheet of butcher paper
5) Press your design for 45-60 seconds at 385 degrees- light-medium pressure. Too much pressure or heat will cause the back of the magnet to bubble. If it does- it doesn't show through to the front and still sticks to the fridge. It doesn't make as great of a presentation but is usable.
6) slowly raise your press and take paper and design off- doing too quickly can cause ghosting

I have provided the instructions for what works for me. This is to only be used as a guidance and not a guarantee- you may need to adjust things to make it work for you- depending on your equipment.

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