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Interchangeable Standing File Box Holder/ Box Holder and 14 Seasonal Signs/ Interchangeable Box/ Smaller Size/ Holds 1/8" Single Layer

Interchangeable Standing File Box Holder/ Box Holder and 14 Seasonal Signs/ Interchangeable Box/ Smaller Size/ Holds 1/8" Single Layer

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These are DIY pieces. NOTHING COMES GLUED OR ASSEMBLED. No supplies are included to paint, glue or assemble the pieces.

Unfinished interchangeable standing file box with unfinished signs for the front. Laser cut and ready for you to paint. No paint, glue, or any other supplies are included with this purchase.

Our DIY box is perfect for decorating your own home or a desk.

This box set is perfect to hold pieces instead of a tiered tray.

This purchase is for ONE smaller box holder and 14 signs for the front. It is made of 6 layers of 1/8" MDF not including the strips and front piece.

This box comes unassembled and will require glue to assemble it.

There are 6 rectangle pieces- each is numbered. Number one goes in the back , then 2 and so on- number six will be the front. You glue to sides and bottoms of each then add the correct layer to the front. Number six has a strip on the top and bottom shown (it is the placement lines). You will glue the three thin strips together and then glue to the placement line- do this for top and bottom, Then you will glue the rectangle with the front cut out to the strips. Both ends will be open. Here is where you slide your front sign in and out. There is a picture (second image) of one shown glued together.

You can buy one box and many inserts/signs from our shop so you can have a new decoration for every season or occasion. It will hold our 1/8" pieces- things with tabs on the bottom or single layer smaller signs from our shop. Even though different materials may say they are 1/8" they may not fit in ours- not all material is the same. This will fit OUR 1/8" mdf pieces from OUR shop.

For this purchase you will get the unfinished pieces as shown (for ONE box) and 14 front signs.

The box pieces are made of 1/8" mdf.

The smaller box is approximately 2.6" tall x 9.1" long. The signs are approximately 1.97" x 8.63".

This box holder comes with the Home Sweet Home sign to get you started. It also comes with the 13 seasonal/holidays as shown.


MDF is a medium density fiberboard. It is an engineered wood product. It is for INDOOR use only.

These are laser cut items. You can expect some dark edges or char marks- you can easily sand them away or paint over them- this is NOT a defect and will not be replaced. A dry or wet magic eraser (sponge) works well on removing the marks- you can get two magic erasers for a $1 at Dollar Tree. Since they are laser cut there will be a burnt wood smell. The wood smell goes away with time.

Supplies you may need to complete this project (none included):

acrylic craft paint
glue of your choice to attach the pieces- E600, crazy glue, gorilla glue, wood glue
make up sponges- to dab paint onto the small pieces
small paint brushes
paint markers for fine detail- examples- sharpie or Posca markers



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