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Apples on Stripes Faux Leather Roll

Apples on Stripes Faux Leather Roll

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Faux Leather, Synthetic Leather, Embroidery Vinyl, Printed Vinyl, ITH vinyl, Craft Vinyl, Sewing Vinyl, Apple Faux Leather, Synthetic Apple Leather

This listing is for (1) printed apple faux leather roll as shown. It has apples on stripes.

It has a soft woven like backing. This is NOT HTV vinyl. It is not the kind of vinyl that you can apply to apparel/etc with a heat press or iron. It will melt with high heat application. The vinyl can be spot cleaned on the printed side.

Each roll measures approximately 12"x55". Some are right under 12", some right at 12" and some over 12". It is handcut so may not be exact. There may be white around the top, side or bottom of the pattern- this is from when it was printed- we have chosen not to cut if off. The size mentioned above is of the patterned part of the roll.

Synthetic Leather can be cut with regular scissors or with a craft cutting machine. It can be embroidered, glued or sewn.

The faux leather can be used for embroidery or crafting projects. It is commonly used to make hairbows, key fobs, purses, headbands, bookmarks, wallets, shoes, ith projects, notebook planner covers, and scrapbooking- to name a few.

Computer monitors and screen resolutions vary on different computers. So the colors that appear on your computer screen may vary from that of the actual product. With this we cannot guarantee specific coloring.

How is the roll shipped?

The rolls are individually wrapped in plastic bags and shipped in bubble mailers. If you also purchase sheets they will come in the bubble mailer with the roll- they will NOT come in the flat mailers we normally ship sheets in. If you want your sheets shipped flat in the flat mailers- you will need to purchase sheets and rolls separately. The rolls don't fit in the flat mailers. For large orders we may ship in a box and not in the bubble mailer or flat mailer. We cannot guarantee if the rolls are bent or folded during transit- this is out of our control- we do NOT guarantee they will arrive perfectly rolled.

Disclaimer: Caution before ordering

When more than one sheet is ordered at the same time (same order)- we try and make sure they all look the same in color, size, backing and cut/pattern direction. However, we are unable to guarantee a sheet you buy one time will match a sheet you buy at another time. Variations from one lot to another lot are normal and should be expected.

Variations in color (different lots may have different coloring- some may be bright and some may be muted from one lot to another). This is not a defect and we will not compensate for this. Variations in color are to be expected from different lots.

All the backing of the sheets will be as listed in the description- however variations may exist from one lot to another. Some sheets may be stiff and some may be a little softer. These are printed by the manufacturer and we can’t control that the same fabric will be used on each different lot. Each sheet will have the backing listed and be for the same use as listed above. If the backing makes the sheet different than what you are used to cutting- you will need to be able to adjust the settings on your cutter to accommodate this. We will not guarantee any two pieces from different lots will be the same. We will not compensate if you like a backing or stiffness/softer feel from a different batch. Variations are normal and should be expected.

We cannot control the direction of the cut/print that we receive from the supplier. Most listings show a vertical cut/print as the listing image. If we have sheets that vary from the vertical cut- we will list the cut/print variations so you will know what you are purchasing. The options will be vertical and horizontal and list the quantity available in each.

Please understand before ordering: 1) no two sheets will be identical from one lot to another lot and 2) the backings of different patterns in your order may differ (the same patterns will have matching backings)

All Sales Are Final!!
No refunds, returns or exchanges! In the event that a printed sheet arrives defective (not due to damage in transit- seller is not responsible for this). Upon proof of defect- seller reserves the right to make a partial refund (as the sheet can be used around the defect). Seller will NOT send a replacement as the costs would be far too excessive in comparison to the price paid for the sheet.

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